Wheelchair Powerpack PLUS (TGA)

The PLUS quietly helps you up tricky gradients and steep hills.
The Powerpack PLUS is the latest model of Powerpack from TGA. Like all Powerpacks from TGA the PLUS easily attaches to almost any wheelchair in literally seconds. Once fitted you will never need to push the chair again. Simply walk behind with your thumb on the control and let the Powerpack do all the work for you. The Powerpack PLUS model has been specifically designed and introduced to give even more power and torque to push heavier users up to an incredible 32 stone (203 kg) limit and with the added traction of twin wheels enables you to tackle tricky slopes and uneven terrain with confidence.

The Powerpack PLUS model, like its baby brother, the Duo and the Duo HD, is fitted as standard with the reverse option, operated by a simple switch on the hand control. It allows that extra versatility and functionality which is particularly important in tight spaces with heavier users. The PLUS model also features a more controllable reverse option essential for use with larger individuals.

This latest model to the Powerpack Range features an updated control system which is fitted with unique "soft start take off" technology. This new and remarkable TGA Powerpack utilises a 24 volt system, and delivers the ability to drive a manual attendant controlled wheelchair and occupant weighing up to 32 stone (203 kg). It also incorporates several new features to improve ergonomics for the wheelchair carer and propulsion experience for occupants. These include the new soft start technology, enhanced safety levels and a usage monitor for optimising servicing schedules. The upgraded and more powerful 24 volt, 200 watt motor provides higher torque at its maximum speed of 3mph. This allows the Powerpack to easily assist a wheelchair attendant with a larger occupant in a safe, controlled manner without the risk of wheel spin.

This new, extra heavy-duty version will meet the ever growing demand for powered mobility that assists larger users. It also will continue the proven heritage of the established Powerpack range, first choice for UK Wheelchair Services, Healthcare Professionals and end users looking for the easiest and most reliable solution to propel an attendant controlled wheelchair.

The Powerpack PLUS delivers:

  • A market leading 32 st weight capacity, 3mph top speed and with up to a 10 mile range (Range can vary with user weight, conditions & terrain).
  • Advanced soft-start/stop technology, unsurpassed reliability and performance.
  • Compact shape that fits further under wheelchairs for unhindered walking.
  • Robust design yet light in weigh, Tens of thousands sold world wide.
  • Two year peace of mind warranty, usage counter for easier servicing.
  • Product Number : EM-PLUS
    Eastern Mobility Price £1099

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