• It might be small, but the Minimus Folding Mobility Scooter has a big personality. Our lightest and most compact portable scooter uses sliding mechanisms for rapid folding. So whether you are zipping around town, commuting in the city or off on your holidays, this is the scooter for you. The Minimus uses an intelligent frame that slides into a small, portable package perfect for easy transport and storage. With the seat folded down, the front of the frame slides into the back half with a total length of just 69.5cm. This is the lightest folding scooter in the UK, weighing in at just 17.5kg. That is less than the baggage allowance of most airlines! When folded, the Minimus will fit snugly in a luggage compartment or in your home, ready to unfold and go again in less than a minute. We have even included an extendable trolley handlebar so you can wheel the Minimus behind you, just like a suitcase. The Minimus Folding Mobility Scooter proves that a little can go a long way, with 9.8km of uninterrupted travel thanks to its lithium-ion batteries. Smaller and lighter than regular scooter batteries, lithium-ion batteries also last longer with regular use and are ideal for frequent travellers. The lithium battery is removable for simple charging. The Minimus also uses stripped back tiller controls, so you can keep an eye on charge levels and adjust your speed on the go. The squeeze lever on the handlebar offers easy control, ideal for busy high streets, train stations and airports.
  • Delivery within 30 miles can be arranged if required.
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