• The Li-Tech Air+ takes the revolutionary technology of the Li-Tech Air and adds a super-powered 19.35 Ah battery to suit the more adventurous travellers out there. The Li-Tech Air+ is the UK's lightest travel scooter and the first of its kind to house a lithium-ion battery, delivering optimised performance, increased durability and a lightning-quick charging time. Lithium-ion batteries are much better equipped to stand up to day-to-day use and are much smaller and lighter too. Frequent travellers won't have to worry about replacing the batteries too soon, and the light weight makes up just a fraction of the scooter's overall weight of 41kg. A lighter scooter, more leg room and no waiting around for a full charge? We love lithium-ion batteries. The heaviest section of the Li-Tech Air+ Mobility Scooter weighs just 15kg (that's about the same as a packed suitcase), so it's great for sticking in your boot for a day trip. You'll have this scooter dismantled into its 5 parts in no time, ready to be put back together just as quickly. This design is ideal for out-of-the-way storage too. Front and rear suspension is a nice touch not often found on travel scooters. The Li-Tech Air+ is comfortable enough for longer journeys, with the suspension softening the vibrations when travelling over rough and uneven ground. Coupled with a height-adjustable swivel seat and adjustable armrests, the suspension system ensures you're always travelling in absolute comfort. The Li-Tech Air+ is an intelligently designed scooter, fitted with everything you need to enjoy a huge boost to your independence. The Li-Tech Air+ is available in Teal.
  • Battery size 19 Ah (Litium-ion batteries) .
  • Height 90 cm .
  • Length 104 cm
  • Width 50 cm.
  • Ground clearance 2 cm.
  • Heaviest part 15 Kg.
  • Range upto 12 miles.
  • Maximum speed 4 mph.
  • Maximum user weight 135 Kg (21 stone).
  • Delivery within 30 miles can be arranged if required.
  • Product Number : LI-TECH AIR + LITHIUM
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